I Am Karolis Kirkliauskas a Web Developer a Mobile Apps Developer

"The website and the Mobile App are the faces of the company."

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About Me

Hello – my name is Karolis. As you might have understood – all I do is programming. From the age of 14 I develop various Web pages and Mobile apps – this is my biggest passion.

Even though I am still a student at Vilnius University (doing Informatics as an official degree), I already have experience with fully finished and developed projects around Germany, United Kingdom, Lithuania and few scandinavian countries.

So, as you probably understood, I am here to help you in need. In case of some new projects, please do not hesitate to contact me!

How can I help you with your business?

Professional Design

First things first. Design makes the first impression – better make it good. Dainty design is my trait – I will take care of the branding, logo and any other related field regarding the appearance of your page.

User Experience

How do you know if you do well without stepping into your customers shoes? I got it for you – I will put all the details in place, assure the functionality and the best UX possible.

Speed & Performance

We live in the century of the rush. Slowness is not a problem for me – I know how to solve it as fast as possible.


There are infinite number of phones with different browsing manners. I will make sure your website will be easily accessible for every kind of browser.


Apple, Android, Linux… You name it, I create an app for it. No users will be left behind.

1-Year Guarantee

Every client gets completely free 1-Year Guarantee which includes basic Bug fixes, online support and recommendations.


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What I have already Done?

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My Blog

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