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I am a traveller, an IT guy and a founder of multiple successful online based business platforms. Welcome to my blog – here I will show you how to get along with time consuming tasks while managing different type of projects, share my knowledge and experience about IT and social media platforms, and, most importantly – lead you through the process of creating and developing your very own online business or even empire.

Today we live in a digital era where social media is the most important thing for every kind of business – it’s a fact. The kind of business doesn’t really matter – either you selling a potatoes or providing a car repair service, social media is the main key to successful business growth. 

The Problem or Why sometimes it just doesn’t work out? 

As you probably understood already, there are various perspectives of digital business. Most of the projects nowadays don’t succeed as easily as expected or promised - and that leads to the great dissapointment or even financial loss. From my point of view, that’s not the type of business to blame. Neither the platform – it is all strategy dependent thing.  

Nowadays we have plenty of information resources, which could prove us that social media is crucial for any kind of business. From my personal experience I could just completely agree on this – social media not only helps you to sell the product, but also helps you to find your costumer, get to know the specific customers’ needs and maintain the trust in between. 

Solution or How to start? 

So, what to do if you want to start an online business? 

First of all, get used to work on it 24/7. Publishing related articles, posters regarding the product updates or interesting data must become the main priority since it is the only way to the customer. Social media articles also builds the brand which sets a high standard requirement for the platforms content. Even if your product is already in the market, social media sets the expectations of the product for the customer, represents the quality of it and makes it easier to analyse the needs of the customer. 

Customer analytics is even more important to the business – by analysing the customer you could start adjusting the business or product accordingly. To conclude, choosing the right way to manage your social media content and platform will compound the stable relationship between your company and the customer.

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