How To Finish Your Project On Time

Karolis Kirkliauskas Oct 20, 2018

I am a traveller, an IT guy and a founder of multiple successful online based business platforms. Welcome to my blog – here I will show you how to get along with time consuming tasks while managing different type of projects, share my knowledge and experience about IT and social media platforms, and, most importantly – lead you through the process of creating and developing your very own online business or even empire.

Time management – how it works?


Everyday, everyone are trying to manage various responsibilities on the same time: from making their bed to going to work. And yet we are always in a rush, forgetting and postponing projects and things. So how this time management thing really works? I will give you some tips.


Control your tasks


Some people have very good memory, they don’t really need to use notes for memorizing things or so, but there is also another part of us, that keeping things on track in their memory doesn’t really work out causing a mess in the work environment. We all been there – forgetting something important just because of the variety of pending tasks. First thing that helped me to control my time was the notebook. You should also start by writing down the tasks and what exactly you need to do – this would set clear picture of the amount of goals you need to achieve.


Timing is very important


After you have it all in front of you, you could start priorotize the tasks according to importance by approximately foreseeing the timeframe that could be needed to complete some particular targets. But be careful – planning your time realistically is also very important. Whatever you plan to do and set the clear timeframe for it, always add some extra time - there will always be something or someone stealing your time: the traffic, your dog, your colleague or the bus. Do not overestimate yourself and try to plan every minute in proportion of your abilities without expecting it to be over your head.


Do not blame yourself or others


A lot of us make the same mistake: they start blaming themselves for not catching up with the deadlines and making hard of themselves. But being angry and worried would never help you in any kind of way; Try to analyze and find the reasons of the latency, and let’s try to avoid such mistakes in the future.


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