How To Become Your Personal Hero

Karolis Kirkliauskas Oct 24, 2018

I am a traveller, an IT guy and a founder of multiple successful online based business platforms. Welcome to my blog – here I will show you how to get along with time consuming tasks while managing different type of projects, share my knowledge and experience about IT and social media platforms, and, most importantly – lead you through the process of creating and developing your very own online business or even empire.

Have you ever been thinking about why are you making one or another decision? In our society we always hear about the high expectations that we are supposed to set for ourselves and the dreams and goals we are supposed to achieve in our lives. Despite that, these ambitions, which are mostly based on the motivational speeches, inspiring movie or a video, don‘t succeed as expected. In this article I am going to reveal how the aim can help you to become your personal hero.

Nowadays, a lot of things we do because this is how it is inflicted by our modern society. For example, seeing someone getting a new car, new phone or a computer makes us subconsciously want the same things – this is how chain of influencing works, and, not to mention, anyone can be an influencer – even your friend, that has something more expensive than you do. Most common scenario works in the very same way every time: you get something what you were craving for, and boom – you don‘t want this anymore – now you need something else. And this all happens because your decision was made not by you, someone made this decision for you. It doesn‘t really matter how independent or resistant you are, you will probably always be a part of our grey society wanting more and more things everyday, what really matters is to avoid such scenarios. Nobody and nothing will resist this consumerism for your, only you own goals that you hold for yourself. I am not really a professional in this, but what I really know is that if you have clear future vision and knowing what you exactly want will definitely lead the way to your dreams coming true. If on your daily basis you are manage to do only the things you always wanted, you are already, slowly, but confidently, on the way becoming your personal hero. Even if it sounds banal, first thing you need to do it to set clear goals for yourself. Write it down, set it as you wallpaper on the phone or computer desktop and make these goals follow you everywhere you go – and every time some any temptation will cross your mind, always ask your self if this is really what helps you to achieve your goal.

To wrap it up, I just wanted to say, that you shouldn‘t start doing an extreme routine makeover right away after reading this article. Do not change your living, live like you used to live before. More importantly, try to clear your mind, try to find out who or what you really want to become despite the opinion of the society. And, after thinking this all through, take the pencil, sheet of paper and...

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